Fighting to battle our worlds within… to avoid those without.

YOU know nothing about me;
yet you presume way so much.

YOU presume I’m X, or believe Y, or have an intention of Z; yet you’re not making the effort to really know; to ask with authentic curiosity.

YOU don’t ask because, most likely, you’re afraid of an answer that will be in conflict with the caricature you’ve created.

YOU created a behind-the-digital-veil version of me in order to have a scapegoat; but, objects of blame / shame only look nice and shiny.

YOU found the external goat in a state of haze, confusion and deep buried angst; but forgot to see how that kinda searching is the most duplicitous distraction.

YOU went looking for a distraction, without understanding your intent. With no map, no real purpose, I (not you) became the focus.

YOU enjoy seeing the dark and dingy ‘thing’ you imagineered in your head; while forgetting that its opposite — the light buried by your extreme perception — shines brightly beneath.

YOU missed my light, therefore barely seeing your own. Nothing in life is one-sided, even the mirrors we breath on to try and hide our flaws & frailties.

YOU projected unhealed parts of yourself onto me, all while never hearing (maybe you just wouldn’t accept) that I appreciate your sour. ’Cause, truly, can the sweet ever be as sweet without its counterpart?

YOU may do everything in your power to avoid your Shadow Self (those repressed parts of yourself you dislike and disown), yet, I encourage you to slowly trek to the beast inside, face it with courage, and simply say:

“You and Me, Let’s Dance…!”

The above was inspired by this Jay Shetty poetic speech about the hollow, unreal, non-connective connections that seem normal these days.

aka, The Bear. Here I pass along off-the-cuff thoughts (some by others) about topics that fall under HEALTH, WEALTH, SELF. Message Me:

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