With a bit of laughter as I read that, I also said to myself, “ohhh maammma, he so nailed that. Prepare for deep isolation.

But, as I look at another medium of traveless experience — this one of passive consumption, compared to active creation — the TV, I think about how that also is just as addictive to many souls.

I think once people come to grips with what’s most important for them — real experiences or imaginary storytelling — they start to define just how much content consumption (and creation) is or isn’t affecting their ability to truly “get lost” as themselves, in lieu of mostly living life vicariously.

Eh, my 2-cents.

K, since it’s Xmas Eve (almost)…now I head back to the Electronic Income Reducer (the TV) ;)

aka, The Bear. Here I pass along off-the-cuff thoughts (some by others) about topics that fall under HEALTH, WEALTH, SELF. Message Me: www.barrygoss.com

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