Barry Goss 🐻

Feb 3, 2017

3 min read

Will You Die an Unlived Life With This Invisible Disease?

The Splendor of Existence

There is a DISEASE taking affect throughout the world… spreading like a brain-eating Amoeba on super-crack !

> It’s not heart disease

> It’s not lung cancer

> It’s not the mosquito-borne Zika virus

> It’s not even what some kids claim to be Zombie Rabies

Nope !

None of that ! Even though the first three ARE all for ‘physical’ concern..

It’s called F-E-A-R !

It is the primary ‘mental’ disease.

Once it takes hold of us, it can rob of us of our own free will, our ability to think, our ability to do anything outside of the little-box we scurry into.

Ironically, more times than not, often the very things we want, the very things we desire to experience in our lives, are just on the other side of fear’s phantom door.

The Other Side of Fear

For instance, we can use an intimate relationship to [F]orget [E]verything [A]nd [R]un… or… [F]ace [E]verything [A]nd [R]ise.

Fear is high-level resistance, it’s paranoia; It’s a habit of limited belief over an expansion of new understanding.

Fear is the need to make meaning out of something before you truly can ever forge into the unknown (or allow yourself to know what you don’t know)

Fear is about engaging in right versus wrong, and, more important, fear actually creates more pain and suffering because we are closing ourselves off to love, and to our truth strength.

Self-armoring will not heal.

We’re not willing to live; we’re not willing to die. And the swaying back and forth between the two is the basis for living in the restraints of the mind, or more than in the limitless of our feeling-driven heart.

We’re either over-thinking about what’s going to happen next (something that doesn’t exist) or what happened in the past (done, over, caput — also no longer exist).

The good news is that, we humans come with a dual nature.

Every time we doubt, there’s still a part of us that is doubtless (it’s just buried below the surface); every time we worry, there’s still a part of us who knows how to surrender; every time we want to run, there’ still a part of us that desires the courage to face “it” (ourselves) — via a person, event, or circumstance.

Of course, there is healthy fear too.

But what if the only way to overcome sustained feelings of unworthiness, anxiety, negative imagination, cynicism, etc. (all byproducts of unhealthy fear) was to FIRST face the inevitable — your date of DEATH?

Would it be worth it to know more… to know how to energetically put yourself in that mind-space so you can re-calibrate toward more fearless feelings — joy, trust, courage, happiness, etc.?

If so, either like this post and comment on it (or fb PM me) and I’ll personally send you a fascinating, eye-opening 7-minute video that’ll do just that.

* No sales pitch in the video… just a straight-up, educational, thought-provoking video with no end agenda other than to share some deep insight about the subject of fear / fearlessness.