Why People Have Money Problems

A few years ago, we asked our paid-up M4 Insider (M4i) members to take a quick survey — one that would allow us to gauge where they’re at with their financial growth and their mindset towards actually putting our investment research to use.

We weren’t surprised that we received several comments from members about not having enough discretionary capital to invest.

However, we also had a member mention that she wanted to be able to replace her current income and eventually become a full-time investor (i.e,, use money to grow more money… money that spits out enough passive-income for her particular needs).

So, here’s our take on this…

[ NOTE: This is an excerpt from that survey’s wrap-up — me and Brad’s commentary to our members about the key responses that kept popping up. I’m passing it on here, as it will lead to another point, so keep reading… ]

{ Start excerpt }

If you want to replace your income and be a full-time passive or active investor… OR if you want to have more investment capital to use in various investment-vehicles (IVs)… then you’ve got a couple of primary paths you can take:

#1) You can trade more time for someone else’s money (at a job), which is our least favorite option — as you have absolutely no leverage.

#2) Or you can generate more cash-flow to use for investing (like we do) by starting a part-time business on the side, or growing an existing business.

Owning a business and investing in passive IVs from a portion of your profits is the smartest way — in our opinion — to use leverage in the most optimal way.

>> Do you have a particular passion or an expertise that the world needs?

>> Are there any problems you love to solve?

>> Are any of these related to the three highest in-demand and highly-paid markets (money, health, or relationships)?

The simple truth is that if you want to make more money (outside of slaving for someone else your whole life), then you’ve gotta find a way to add value to the world or solve a problem

And if you don’t want to solve it yourself, hook up with someone else who’s already doing it, and refer business to them.

That’s what referral or affiliate programs allow you to do.

{ End excerpt }

Now, what do you do if you don’t have any list, any knowledge of how or where to advertise, or going further with the thought:

You’re on monetary fumes anyway… so, you can’t pay to advertise?

Just what the heck do you do if you want something so bad (i.e., a home-based business, passive cash-flow, or just a better lifestyle), but you FEEL you’ll just keep striving, without results?

Well, the video below is one of the best visual representations of DETERMINATION that I’ve ever seen.

It’s an example of doing what it takes to get it done… plain and simple!

You have a dream… you chase it. You have a goal… you make it. You have an opportunity… you take it.

Nothing can satisfy hunger for a lion until he reaches his goal (and gets his reward).

Stop Wishing — Start Doing!

ALWAYS REMEMBER: There’s never a money problem: just an idea, creativity, and/or execution problem.

And, as the short video above shows, it’s DETERMINATION that “sparks” the above three in the first place.

Okay, so, maybe I’ve inspired you to find that inner Lion (or Lioness).

Now, you’re saying, “Okay, sweeet coolio, Barry, but got any specific resources or inroads into companies that’ll allow me to put my time & mind to use for some right-now income?”

Well, glad you asked..

We’ve put together a curated list (one we are always updating too) of online tools and services that can assist you in quick money-making that is only limited to your time and imagination.

Cash Miner Report | Courtesy of M4 Research

All I ask of you is two simple things:

#1) Click the little green heart icon here on this post (it’s floating around toward the bottom-left of this page somewhere. Trust me, it’s there) ;)

#2) Give us feedback on the content inside Cash Miner. After all, if there’s one question that I encourage you to ask people in your sphere of influence, it’s this:

“What can I do to improve?” Or, “In this ___ area of my life, do you have any suggestions for me to grow further, expand, take my skills to the next level?”

That, my friend, is essentially what I and my M4 Research team are always asking our subscribers, customers, associates, JV partners, etc.

So, it’s precisely my non-hidden agenda for giving you FREE access to this report / member area.

Want it? — Access to Cash Miner?

Ok, no problem.

Click Here to Submit your request[right click to open in new window]

> In the subject line, type: “Please give me access to Cash Miner, per Barry.”

> In the body of the ticket form, type: “I read Barry’s post on Medium.com titled ‘Why People Have Money Problems.’ I clicked the heart icon on that post. Now, I’m ready to read Cash Miner and give you guys some sweet feedback!”

Look forward to hearing from you..

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