Vintage Ads Gone____ (Bad?)

Just acceptable social norms at the time?

And, fifty years from now, will we also be scratching our heads and wondering, “Now, just how da hell did that get approved?”

A pain-free period.. does indeed make a “happy” gal !
I think Ward Cleaver might consider this guy a neanderthal…
Huh? Just in Small, Medium, Large? Wutha about in Big ‘n Tall sizes?
Now, quite honestly, this is just damn good marketing. Headline — image mastery.
Pretty women don’t get secretive scrapbooks ;;)
[ Monkey head-scratch ] Truly, I’m afraid to comment on this ;;)
Aunt Jemima would be proud.
Are those now in the Museum of Inactive Deadly Weapons?
If Glamous is the goal, I’m all for bigger breasts too.
Or, could it be that they just know they’ll be at the beach all day without having to take a dump?
Yes, yes… why hell yeeeess it is !
I don’t know if I “get” this one.. er’ cause I can’t find her tummy.
Sweeeet !
Was this the 3rd-generation predecessor to the boones farm brand?
Ohh lala! indeed — and this musta been published prior to porn titles like “Cindy and The Cucumber!”

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