There’s a lot more — much, much more — that I think I need to say about this.

However, for the sake of getting this observation out of my head, and feeling the intuitive hit of, “hey man, people probably need to hear your Cliff Notes on it,” here goes:

==>> The problem with point-black, do-this-and-X-will-happen written (online) relationship advice is this:

It all may LOOK good; yet LOOKS can deceive…

People are people, not crossed T’s or dotted i’s — they are complicated.

Mix another soul with another… and you have a relation-SHIP — a foundational vessel of steel in the form of intertwined hopes, dreams, ideals, past wounds, and current values.

With so many DEEP variables in play, it can be tossed around by a storm of present drama, unresolved trauma (most unconscious) and ongoing e-motions in an instant.

So, this is just a small observation — some critical-thinking & context — around relationship wisdom you SEE written online (live one-to-one, deep-dived coaching: that's a whole other matter).

As, if something looks profound on paper, will it necessarily *BE* profound, in reality, for two people?

The answer will NEVER come UNTIL ‘all hands on deck’ are plugging the leaky holes — DOING (not jut conceptualizing) “the work” to save the re-lation-SHIP from sinking (what type — platonic or intimate — is kinda irrelevant).

Captain GOSS, over and out !

aka, The Bear. Here I pass along off-the-cuff thoughts (some by others) about topics that fall under HEALTH, WEALTH, SELF. Message Me:

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