To be even a tad more direct, maybe even irreverent, than Charles and John below, upon reading your rationale (maybe just cathartic emoting)… this thought was at center-stage for me:

Is this Katie’s way to justify, to find a socially-supportive scapegoat, making an [apparent] one-way decision to bail on a marriage? An empowerment, at the expense of ‘doing the work,’ deal?

In other words, there is nothing in your article about why he was a “good” man. Nothing about your take on a standard Support / Challenge dynamic we all have to recognize and accept in any interpersonal / intimate relationship.

Very much tied to this 3-min explanation by Jayson Gaddis:

There’s nothing in your post about why you even married this ghost of man. Or why he fell for you. And, because you [seemingly] made the executive decision to bolt, is that why now you feel most “women” do?

I just find it highly entertaining (or sad) how so much of partnershipping these days is grounded on nothing more than one person’s “feelings” and NOT on the self-accountable work to suss-out beliefs and individual contributions (or not) that KEEP the very thing they worked hard to GET from the very beginning.

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