The Making of ‘America’s Secret Warriors.’

Ep14, Season One, Starts 2–28–18 at 10pm CBS


I get very envious (therefore, by proxy, adore) peeps in Hollywood who know a thing or two about believable, or inter-personally REAL, character development.

Who is this guy (or gal)… really? What makes him do what he does? What drives him? Why’s he so determined to do, be, have ____ (X,Y,Z)?

A good director / head writer knows, more than anything else tied to the story-line, we need these answers — mostly to justify our time to live vicariously through the eyes of the protagonist.

This is especially vital when the lead guy is portraying a REAL LIFE character who most of society can only perceive from a DISTANCE.

In the case of, say, ShowTime’s most watched series of all-time… we know that Dexter Morgan, the fictional character who leads a secret parallel life as a vigilante serial killer, ‘could be’ a REAL possibility.. but, in the context of how he operates, really isn’t (eh, maybe every major city though could use a good Dexter in action — half-joke).

That is what has stood out for me most about this well-done series.

It depicts the realities of the very archetype I got to know first-hand when I was a Cryptologist stationed in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

This new CBS series plays out those characteristics well.

To the untrained eye, Navy SEALS are just “physical” killing machines. That notion couldn’t be any further from the truth. The show makes it clear from the beginning that these guys are more than just ‘action figures.’

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