In lieu of anything typical here on Medium, where you’re conditioned to expect the author to give his / her FULL take on the title of the post, I’m gonna shake it up today.


By flat out simply giving you the punchline now… right frickin NOW:

“Who Am I?”

Yeah, that’s the elusive question!

Now, the other part.

The 4-minute video below is one of PHILOSOPHICAL probing; it’s a compilation of DEEP THINKERS. Some of it… you might scratch your inner-head at. Some of it may resonate and hit ‘just the right spot’ within your soul.

But, irrespective of what the varying angles of sentiment from the famous abstract pontificators means to you, just know over the years there is ONE self-created mantra I’ve learned to stand firm on.

It’s this:

There is no separation, the world is one big fat-ass illusion (a grand stage to “create” from) and life wants what you have to offer! (no more, no less).

Admittedly, me leaving you with just that seems kinda sucky. But, I could write an entire book about each of those 3 ideas. And, any more of MY thoughts here would just distract you from the video below I want you to soak in.

As you watch the video below, please just consider that you — yes YOU — have to explore your own paths, often by yourself in quite introspection, even though you’re still connected to the collective conscious.

Staying ‘awake’ (i.e., seeing yourself it your entirety… ALL of you — the good, bad, and fugly) requires a lot of head-to-heart (and back) energy.

But doing what you gotta do to keep chipping at your own mask, in order to see you’re foundationally made of pure light, is a much better route than just saying ‘Fuck it…I don’t care who I am or what I can become in this life!”

REMEMBER: the process of legit self-awareness requires you to dismantle everything you thought to be true! (think about that twice, if you have to).

Sidenote: whenever I see posts online about how, “Jim Carrey has lost it.” Or, “Jim Carrey has gone of the deep end, I just send them to this Prince Ea video with a simply preface: “Consider a different perspective than than that one, sitting in a bubble, you’ve created for you own need for validation.”

I do this gnarly little thing, once every friday, where I send out a very tight, highly-curated list of things to do, read, consider, buy, etc.

I call it WEEKEND WHATS. Join me for the fun here…

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