The ‘Delicious Torment’ of Relation-SHIP!

I’m posting this mainly for the kick-ass artistry / eye-candy of the pic above.

— but, it also just happens to sync-up with this excerpt from an article that came across my inbox recently:

“Ralph Waldo Emerson described relationships as a ‘delicious torment.’

“The word ‘torment’ may or may not be a little strong, but I like his general idea.

“The bottom line is they are a source of both transcendent pleasure and exquisite challenge. Either way, they’re the glue that binds us.

“We understand ourselves only through our relationship with others. So, to work on our relationship is to work on ourselves. That’s why they’re so tricky — because they’re a mirror.” ~ Steven Bernstein, M.A

The punch-line?

Because relation-SHIP brings out the metaphorical mirror, it’s why peeps usually run from them when there’s challenge & perceived “negative” aspects to the dynamic / inter-play.

It is why Jay Shetty recently made the point that we, deep down, are freighted as shit to have REAL ones.

So, instead, we now have avenues to succumb to fake, hollow, digitized connections. Easier on the psyche; a convenient avenue for distraction to ultimately… avoid ourselves.

Watch this profound, critical-thinking video on the matter…

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