I gotta admit:

For an iconic creator / heralded creative who is often maligned and taken to task in the media as the ‘got a screw loose’ version of Tony Stark, I was thoroughly impressed with Elon Musk’s demeanor and wistful / keep-things-basic views on technology and humanity.

I’m referring to his interview on the Joe Rogan podcast on Friday.

And, irrespective of how hokey and sophomoric this may appear, he’s right, just puure fuuuuukin’ right:

When you start by stripping away your own projected fears, anxieties, disappointments, doubts and failed expectation onto others — when you look beneath people’s facades (i.e., invulnerability masked by the ego of the flesh) — you’ll find we’re all pretty much a skeleton of goodness… all here from the SAME bones of curiosity.

For what?

For exploration, collaboration, value-creation and making this short-ass life-span we have a ab-so-lute-ly amazing place to BE and EXPERIENCE from.

Yeah, even for pirates ;) and robots who “you shouldn’t kick in the ass. ’Cause they have great memories now.”

Elon’s end-of-interview advice:

“This may sound corny.. but, it wouldn’t hurt to have more love in the world. [Joe asks if he’ll end up inventing a ‘love-machine’].

In meantime [f*cK, I’m sure he’ll create one]….

“Spend more time with your friends and less time on social media. [ironic that I’m posting this, eh.. ON social media. Buuut, about to get off this sucker for the day].

“Be nicer to each other, give more credit to others (benefit of the doubt — don’t assume their assholes until they’re actually verified assholes).

“It’s easy to demonize people. [but] you’re usually wrong about it.”

~ Peace 🙏

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