The 5-Step Protocol of a Social Justice Warrior

LMFAO… ’cause, truly dear reader, I so needed JP’s mocking of the Social Justice Warrior (SJW).

Yet, underneath his facetious comedy is a a lot of hard-hitting (simultaneou head-shaking) truth.

I have brought to your attention before the ills of of the soft-sauce / passive-repressive mentality this country stews in.

Masquerading as nothing more than a distraction for where power truly lies: within(but, without it having to evolve exclusive of the interpersonal dynamics that may trigger you).

I have given you a brief perspective, here, on the drawbacks of taking yourself way too seriously.

Even, recently, I have gone so far as to give some Red Pill Awareness when it comes to dating and women who are tired of all the psycho-games they have found themselves, or their close SJW friends, playing.

So yeah.. needless to say, I’m starting to realize a bit more razzle-dazzle will be needed to truly help unsheath the deep narcissism behind the shame / blame driven SJW.

In the meantime, I hand the mic over to JP for the 5-step protocol:

Rock 🎵 on... ✌

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