American Thanksgiving: Beyond The Folklore

Or, what the truth about that “harvest party” in 1621 best reveals….

The “official” story of why we sit around a table with a lot of delicious food — with the centerpiece being a Turkey — pretty much goes like this:

Around this time of year in 1621, some lovely pilgrims and friendly native American’s got together for 3 days to celebrate their good fortune (a plentiful harvest).

Back in 1623, Bradford had the same astute assessment that I’m sure you also have Dear fascinated reader. It’s this:

If you can’t reap greater rewards from your own chosen greater risks and efforts, then resentment is going to sit in while you watch others around you operate on a lesser (i.e., lazier, less effective) level.

On the subject of outward thinking — the very reveal I made in the first sentence of this post — what about when we let our mind latch onto distractions we, ultimately, just need to just “let go” of?

The reason I’m bringing this up is because when we feel manipulated by someone… when something egregious, even pathologically twisted, has been (or current is) being done TO us, it’s very easy to want to settle the score. The go-to play is blame, shame, righteous vindictiveness…. even equal payback!

To end this on a tie-in to the title of the post, I’m learning that going beyond our traditional views of Thanksgiving — gratitude and thankfulness — means taking it down a notch.

Or, back inward into a realm where most of us will do anything to not feel or be responsible for:

So I say instead of just saying you’re thankful today, take another path (a higher one) called COMMITMENT:

Commit to either having your past (including your current state of beliefs and mindset about it) define your future. Or, commit to truly BE-ing grateful for every aspect of your life (including “bad” things done to you… AND the “bad” things you’ve done to others) so you can start to refine yourself.

The Hard Truth — It’s Your Fault!

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