Or, how to create (and sustain) a richer, healthier, more prosperous life.

Friend and fellow M4insider.com fan (you are also one, right, right?) Haydn Stevenson says:

Haydn, my like-minded 2020 go-getter, is spot on…

You can either hop on Facebook tonight and let yourself turn into Gollum… or, you can join a cutting-edge, community-driven company like Amare who will connect you with some of the most inspiring leaders you could ever fathom having access to.

(yes, even on FB. But, their private GROUPs are brimming with the kind of people you ab-so-lutely want to collaborate and mastermind with).

In 2020, in order to excel and thrive… I’ll go so far as to say, just as I do, you also need to be held accountable for the values you bring into the world.

Collectively, the team directing the ship at Amare is living what they preach: Love, Integrity, Innovation, Service, Humility.

We can all claim to want to affect change beyond ourselves. Or, we can do something about it, starting with ourselves.

Or, in the words of the lead female protagonist from The Aeronauts (a recently-released Amazon Prime film based upon the book Falling Upwards: How We Took to the Air by Richard Holmes):

“You don’t change the world simply by looking at it. You change it through the way you chose to live IN it.”

If all that resonates with you, I highly encourage you to stop what you’re doing for a whole 10-minutes, and give this video overview a good solid viewing.

aka, The Bear. Here I pass along off-the-cuff thoughts (some by others) about topics that fall under HEALTH, WEALTH, SELF. Message Me: www.barrygoss.com

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