“Money without brains is always dangerous.”

One of the greatest writers on the topic of success and achievement — yup Mr. Think and Grow Rich himself — uttered the words shown in the title of this post.

But, if Napoleon Hill were alive today, I wonder if he’d be surprised or not to know the level of anti-education mindset that has permeated our “fast money” culture.

As we grow our paid-up membership base, we also grow the very common questions we get.

Invariably when new members enter M4 Insider, they go straight to our “MULTIPLY” link to check out what ideas, programs and opportunities we’ve tested, approved, and archived.

“Very well,” we say, “going after the candy — straight after the good stuff — is what we humans are conditioned to do!”

Yet, as new members scout around a bit more, especially when they read our archived ‘Journal,’ they start to notice something.

Something, er, very arduous in their minds.

Yeah… work!

They end up finding out that not only are we extremely dedicated in providing them with uncommon and unique investing research and resources, we’re just as passionate about EDUCATION.

We don’t like going into things blindly, nor should anybody else.

So when members tell us they just want to invest their money without educating themselves about what they’re actually investing in, it makes us wonder how serious they truly are about building wealth.

Investing without education is like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

It’s a recipe for disaster!

Barry Goss is the co-founder & publisher of M4 Research and it’s flagship product, M4 Insider, which is a private vault to some of the most unique and uncommon methods and avenues to make, manage and multiply money.

It’s the only membership club of it’s kind where you can get exclusive access to a wide variety of carefully researched and vetted top-performing passive investment vehicles and cash-flow strategies, proven money-growing and money-saving ideas, little-known wealth-building resources, and insider contacts, all under one roof.

aka, The Bear. Here I pass along off-the-cuff thoughts (some by others) about topics that fall under HEALTH, WEALTH, SELF. Message Me: www.barrygoss.com

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