Love — and The Illusion of Control

If it’s the illusion of control* that spoils the hopes of many great relationships; if love can only be based on trust and freedom…

…maybe the story below could literally be the holy grail (the ideal and total essence) of self-love & relationship love, combined!

i.e., Growth ‘within’ that isn’t exclusive to ‘without.’

The TAO of self-love intricately linked to relationship love-gone-intimate.

“Really, it is about ‘attempting to control.’ Control is somewhat of an illusion. We try to control what people think of us, our environments, our spouse, and our children.

“We are like a director who wants to run the whole show. If everyone would do as we wish the show would be great. But what happens. The world doesn’t always cooperate.

“So we exert ourselves more by using kindness or meanness to get them to change. We are a victim of the delusion that we can get what we want out of life if only we manage well.” ~ from The Traits of Addiction

Now, the immaculate short story ====>> A Love That Is Free Will Forever Be

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