I Live On The Internet — How ‘Bout You?

And that — what I’m claiming in the title of this post — isn’t a “bad thing,” per se… but, just a thing.

Or, to be proper and more clear: a CHOICE!

My choice.

But, sure… yeah… a risky, odd, maybe even obsessive choice.

Funny thing though about making personal choices…

Like Neo choosing the red pill in The Matrix, we can’t always predict all the possible outcomes of making a firm decision (no matter how long it took to make it).

Sure, often we do get presented with certain obvious choices; the kind that are so instinctively ‘on’ for us that… well.. Let’s just say we don’t need a Morpheus-like intense sales pitch to pull the trigger.

Like the choices between…

  • Meeting a childhood hero in person.. Or… just reading about him / her;
  • Helping out an ailing parent get set-up to live self-sufficiently… or… the arm’s-length-removed route of an assisted living facility;
  • A gift of 1000 shares of Amazon (AMZN).. Or.. 10 lottery tickets;
  • Having the time-freedom to check-off items on your Bucket List.. Or… staunchly sticking to the Triple-40 plan? (more on that below)

All things considered, assuming no extenuating circumstances, the first choices in the list above are usually ‘no-brainers.’

The last bulleted-choice above is what I had to come to terms with over 20 years ago.

Sitting at an Oyster bar overlooking the Atlantic ocean in Virginia Beach, I had to eventually make this decision:

Pros: not tied down to convention and a military career focus. Cons: I’d have to get a lot more self-reliant and creative.

I chose the later (of course) and never looked back.

And, in 1995 the Internet was just getting started; it wasn’t even in my consideration as a viable e-thing until around 1998.

So, until I figured the whole ‘inter-web’ out by 2000… it was just me, my shoes to the payment hustling, and my TOTAL complete surreal feeling of ‘Freedom.’

But it was more than just the notion of “I don’t have to check in with anybody!” or “I’m no longer pigeon-holing my skills and work experience anymore.”

We know they exist. We can even go on YouTube to see them. But, until you’re in it (er, under it), it’s not the same.

At 26 years old, I was waking up at 10am and finally not rushing out the door.

I could work into the wee hours of the morning. thinking, researching, writing, pondering my next conquest.

When I would often hit my first appointment at 11am, more than once my internal voice would wonder, there’s a lot of traditional 9-to-5ers in this burgeoning beach / military town (remember, the internet was still a toddler)… what would happen to them or their family if they got fired today without notice?

“What’s Your Plan B?”

That’s what several of my then-still-active Navy friends would ask me.

The clear, unspoken message being, ‘How long will you survive once your ego can’t keep writing checks your ambition and drive alone can’t cash anyway?” (total Top Gun fans, they were).

I didn’t know that answer.

And, I really didn’t care to know that far ahead anyway. Through a lot of news and reading at the time, I just knew there was some pretty grizzly numbers coming out.

The Facts of Life for 100 people Retiring at Age 65:

0 are Wealthy

2 are self-sustaining

23 are still working

75 are Broke*

*= Dependent on relatives, friends, institutions, charity, social security. 85 out of 100 people reaching the age of 65 don’t even have $100 in savings!

SOURCE: Social Security Administration, Washington, D.C.

Here’s the thing…

The stats above, read by me in 1996, were from 1983.

I wondered how much had changed.

Slowly and surely over the years I did notice — let’s call it an experiential observation combined with being well-read — more and more conditioned J-O-B’ers getting into entrepreneurial pursuits.

I saw friends, associates, ex-colleagues, even people I only knew of, get all entrepreneurial on me.

Spare-time direct sales reps, independent marketers, idea-hustlers and stock-market hobbyists… all going rogue with me.

In 2000, the trend picked-up steadily, with thousands upon thousands of peeps across the great land of opportunity saying “FU” to corporate America. The farce laid upon them by their forefathers had been unsheathed.

No longer were they going to feel they had to stay dependent upon the

40–40–40 plan (that Triple-40 thing I spoke of at the top of this article), which means:

You work 40 hours a week, you do that for 40 years, & hope to retire with 40% of what you struggled to live on most your life.

No Siree! I called that out as “BS!” at 25 years young. I haven’t been gainfully-employed since. Or, could it be I’m just psychologically-unemployable? ;)

So, what to do, what to do…

How do you find your own Plan ‘B?’

Maybe, like me, you’re into the idea of 100% mobility with the internet as your trusty always-available e-profit companion.

You have the conviction that you can make it as a location-independent ‘digital economy’ e-preneneur

Yet, without question, there’s a sh*t load of information out there floating around.

You could grow old quick, with very long nose hairs, just trying to scratch the surface of the hows, ins / outs, tips, proper techniques and implementation of it all.

Like me, maybe screen-time isn’t an issue for you. Just taking a stab at it here…

But, I bet your Time is an issue. Or, it would be if you spent most of it just doing the ‘figuring out’ instead of the actual art & science of business… therefore, revenue and profits online.

So, here’s my [very direct]..


If you’re not yet a full-time e-preneur — or, even if you are but just want to be part of [no bull, it’s this good] the world’s largest training resource and mastermind group — click here.

For one whole $1, you’ll gain access to what’s been called “The Netflix for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs.

Me and my entire M4 team are part of it, too. Not just because there’s over 1,000 hours of step-by-step tutorials and real-world case studies… but because, without the the symbiotic power of a like-minded network, we’d be nothing more than [as my high school basketball coach would say] “like a piss floating around in the breeze!” And, yes, taking out the metaphor, I truly mean that ;)

aka, The Bear. Here I pass along off-the-cuff thoughts (some by others) about topics that fall under HEALTH, WEALTH, SELF. Message Me: www.barrygoss.com

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