Barry Goss 🐻

Apr 1, 2018

2 min read

How To Find Your ‘Inner Lion!’ (Or Not)

The natural instincts of the Lion — to forge a path to make the jungle its bitch!!

Its unconsciously regulating universal laws of the land, folks.

As in the jungle, so in our civilized human social spheres:

You may feel you’re not internally equipped to BE the former; that you FEEL more comfortable just piggy-backing along off another’s ambition, gusto, and hard-charging drive & quest to control his / her outcome.

To that, I say: Do it!!

There’s nuhin wrong with being the best damn “2nd Man” (think COO or XO vs CEO or CO) you can be.

Get off the fence, quit waffling, know your weaknesses (appreciate them), honor your strengths (with humility), and just generally stay moving (work with passion).

When you move, you explore; when you’re exploring, you’re aware of what around you could possibly use your “inner Lion's” help.

When you’re available to others with a collaborative-mind, win-win objective… you’re automatically opening the flood gates to possibilities & profits beyond the limits of staying sequestered in your little ‘hang in the trees and just watch’ comfort zone.

Call To Action:

Go forth and grab life by the balls, swing it around a few times, then roar with deep pride…

Because, you’ve just experienced a POWERFUL TRUTH:

It (LIFE) truly does happen *through* you, not *to* you !!

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