How ‘Beta Bucks’ Ken Lost Barbie to G.I. Joe

Or, why competition and action-taking isn’t “Toxic!”

A little head-shaking fun about the overused trope, or a divisive term, that’s been spreading without any context or depth of thought… like a shame / blame-driven editorial piece from leftist media.

Enjoy the screencast:

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“How To Be a Man”?

A Toast To Men

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Science has already proven significant operational differences in the MALE / FEMALE brain.

Still… no matter how much more we think humanity needs to evolve, or no matter how much more enlightened we think our gender is over the other (therefore giving us the self-exalted position to RISE-UP the other side — hint: it isn’t)… it’s nearly impossible to make those differences the SAME.

Nor, as the book ‘Sex At Dawn’ makes clear, should we care to try.

Intersexual dynamics, and complementary-opposite biology at work…it’s not an easy thing to dissect and reconfigure. ‘As if’ we’re some lab rats back-engineering an alien UFO.

Just as a primordial archetype (i.e Love me Vampire, Fuck Me Werewolf), is often fueled by an unconscious chemical females FEEL, but males usually don’t… so is the case for males who are queued to compete, solve, and conquer (a term, without context, that evidently seems “bad!” on the surface).

This changeless ‘state of nature’ gets gender-identity (eh, “equality”) advocates up in a roar.

But, I say… deal with it. Or, you can just keep ‘mind-fucking’ yourself with the next new workable solution.

Trying to figure it out, trying to over-analyze it, trying to tweak things, trying to attach R to Y in order to get Z. It’s futile.

Kinda like Wile E. Coyote with his ACME kit. He’s always looking to CREATE (with his limited animal skills) a magic elixir or solution, to catch that pesky and FAST Road Runner… never having the brain-power to understand that biology made it so he’s NOT supposed to.

Yup… some things are just meant to STAY just the way they are (no changes needed, Sparky).

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