Heroes, Change-Makers & Rebels

Or, despite what Tina Turner says, yes you DO need another Hero!

Admiration. Flattery. Respect.

That is the stuff the rainmakers of the world can command. They can get it, because they first knew how to give it.

We gravitate to these quid-pro-quo innovators, sages and doers.

In an article that first originally appeared via the April 2016 M4 Insider member Journal, I made the point that yes… you do need one more hero! That, like me, you too are naturally bound to have many unmet champions in your life.

People from afar you watch, observe and emulate.

Maybe you want the inside scoop on how artist and icon Jay-Z created a $1 Billion fortune. Or, you’re curious as to how an Arkansas-based company recently got named “one of the five coolest things on Earth.”

How ‘bout a man (my longtime business partner) who has a mentoring plan in place to help select, focused people earn 5-figures/month from home (direct info here).

Maybe you want a strength-from-struggle motivator… oh, say via a 70-year old ex-con who has become one of Wall-Street’s most respected men. Or a female soccer player so polarizing, she is deemed the most controversial athlete living today.

Or, how bout the guy dubbed “the money whisperer.” The one who manages the wealth of the super-rich NBA elite. Want to know why he does what he does and how he gets ALL his clients to put aside at least 60% of every dollar he earns.

Some of those people may be just fascinating to you; not a bonafide hero in your mind. Then again, maybe you just need to know more about a “dependable good guy” like The Rock to fuel that label.

Either way, I am starting to curate the stories and profiles of the people above (plus many more) under my People To Know / Companies To Watch flipboard.

I invite you to sign-up (it’s free) and follow that particular board I manage. Once you have a flipboard account, you can follow my other magazines either via a web-browser or via Flipboard’s beautiful phone app.

aka, The Bear. Here I pass along off-the-cuff thoughts (some by others) about topics that fall under HEALTH, WEALTH, SELF. Message Me: www.barrygoss.com

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