A Video To Help You Accept and BE Yourself!

It can be a crazy world out there at times — a world driven by crowd-thinking, political correctness, and philosophical nonsense that is bombarding you to “fit in.”

If it’s not conservative religious groups trying to regulate and control morality, it’s human rights activists going overboard to the point of trumping common sense.

Because of time-worn social norms, meddling governmental regulations, protectionist mindsets and victim-driven thinking, it’s NOT easy to fight the peer pressure to fit into a mold that isn’t YOU.

Is the world missing the real you because you’ve been conditioned to play it safe?

That’s not something I need to expand on any more than just asking that question.

Because, here’s something you can do to find out:

LISTEN to the song, from 3 Doors Down, via the video below.

Close your eyes (you really don’t need to watch the Shrek clips, as it’s not the images that really matter).

Feel the energy of the words. And, when listening to the song, in a quiet place, just ask yourself:

“Is it okay that I fight to ‘be myself’, even if others don’t approve?”

Only you can really know for sure.

Let me know what you think about this post or, at least how
you’ve personally conquered being yourself…. by
commenting and/or hitting the little heart icon floating around here somewhere ;)

aka, The Bear. Here I pass along off-the-cuff thoughts (some by others) about topics that fall under HEALTH, WEALTH, SELF. Message Me: www.barrygoss.com

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